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Church services

10:00 am

Hornerstown Baptist Church Believes that Sunday Morning Service is the most pivotal work we do in our ministry throughout the entire week. What stands out the most about Sunday Mornings is “the gathering of the entire church”. Throughout the entire Scriptures, God’s people have
always gathered regularly, it is our witness to the world that we prize our Savior above all else. And it is the power of which drives the ministry forward, and where we can follow up with our 
brothers and sisters about their week. Within the service, we fellowship with each other, sing the
praises of our Savior together, sit under the teaching of God’s word together, participate in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper together, give to the Lord together, all for the edification of our faith and our neighbor’s faith. It’s what no one wants to miss!

11:30 am

Hornerstown Baptist Church Believes that the Sunday School hour is an imperative work in our ministry. For the Sunday School hour is where believers can be furthered equipped in the faith
with biblical teaching and theology. What distinguishes the Sunday School from the service is the classroom setting. For, it allows the people to ask their questions, explore points of teaching with deeper insights and practical applications, and engage with other believers in the room, all
to sharpen one another (Prov. 27:17). Overall, through the Sunday School, we want to communicate the necessity of a Christian’s study of the Bible themselves, and to further assist them in the reading of the Scriptures, in order that they’re able to clearly understand the contents
of what they read.

7pm, 2nd and 4th of Month

Hornerstown Baptist Church Believes that our prayer services are the power of all the work, both teaching and service, we do. It is the engine which makes the ministry run, the boiler that heats the house, and ultimately the cry and plea to our Father and Heaven to bless us with his
promises, expand his kingdom, sanctify our hearts, and build up his church by His Precious Holy Spirit. For, throughout all of the Scriptures, we see that all the ministry in both the Old and New Testament is grounded upon the gathering of God’s people to pray, and through our prayers together does God hear us, respond to us, and accomplish his work at bringing redemption to the whole world. So, based on this conviction we have decided to meet weekly on Wednesday’s to pray.

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