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At Hornerstown Baptist Church

Pastor John Burlaga

“Pastor John leads the teaching ministry, the worship of Jesus Christ, and the organization of HBC: Within this role, his focuses is towards the exposition of Scripture, the training of Deacons, Trustees, and other leaders / officers, and the discipleship of the overall congregation. Alongside his teaching, he ensures that the ministry is ran as Scripture teaches, "decently and in order”.

Deacon Alan Quesnell

Alan assist the Pastor in the watch care of the congregation while managing the church facilities. He is blessed to be married to Bonnie and they have two children, four grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. They have served Hornerstown Baptist for over 20 years and have lived in New Egypt since 1969.

Deacon Steve Stetka

Steve and his wife Jane, have been members of Hornerstown Baptist Church for over 14 years. During that time Steve has served as a Trustee, Adult Sunday School Teacher, and a Pulpit Committee member. As a deacon he will serve as an advisor to the Pastor and in service to the church. Steve encourages members to contact the Deacons if they have questions or concerns regarding church procedures or planned activities.


Jim VanHandel  Trustee

Jim is married to Barbara, and they have two children together, all attending and serving Hornerstown for over 10 years. As a trustee, Jim work is focused on the physical upkeep of the building: From property damages and minor repairs to general maintenance of the building.

Bonnie Quesnell Treasurer

Bonnie is married to Alan, and she manages the church books, properly stewarding the financial resources the Lord provides. She ensures expenses, bills, and taxes are paid, plus, making certain that church spending remains within the budget. She also assists the church in communicating and coordinating news and events.

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